College Recruiting Toolkit

Willowbrook Recruiting Services

How We Can Help You

Willowbrook performs many services for PSAs at no additional fee.

Recruiters’ Corner: The Showcase for Willowbrook Athletes

The Recruiters’ Corner is a dedicated area on Willowbrook’s website to showcase Prospective Student Athletes (PSAs). In the Recruiters‘ Corner section, Willowbrook will maintain, and update as requested, basic information on PSAs.

Player Dossier Service

Willowbrook maintains a player dossier service, keeping relevant information accessible to coaches and staff. Willowbrook utilizes this dossier service whenever we have the opportunity to discuss players with recruiters. The more information parents and players provide to us, the more we can help you, so keep us informed!

Skills Video posted online

A basic skills video is filmed on recruiting night. This will be edited so that each athlete is shown individually, and posted online at the Recruiters’ Corner for public accessibility and ease of viewing by coaches and recruiters.

Links to outside service or personal website

Any links from Recruiters’ Corner content and videos to players’ personal websites or other recruiting services will be done free of charge upon request.

Match Video posted online

During the Tour of Texas tournament, we will film one match for each team with eligible players, and create several videos that can be used in the players’ recruiting portfolio to show themselves in competitive situations.

Honest, objective feedback to recruiters

Willowbrook gladly provides information to college coaches and recruiters who have contacted us as a reference. If you are being recruited and are receiving letters from any school, it is important to inform the Club Director immediately, so that he or she will be prepared to discuss you with that coach.

List of Additional Services

Editing of a master DVD for duplication

If a player or parent is unable to create a DVD due to time or technical capabilities, Willowbrook‘s Video Team can film, edit and create a master DVD for players to copy and send in response to video requests.

Filming additional match video (with or without hi-pod)

Willowbrook’s Video Team will be available to all teams at selected tournaments. However, due to limited availability, requests for filming must be made well in advance to ensure that there is no conflict with other taping schedules. Please also note that travel schedule is limited.


Filming additional skills video

Private fees and scheduling also apply. Once free taping is completed, Willowbrook’s Video Team will be available to tape additional skill sessions for updates or DVD creation.

Duplication of master DVD with labels

$2.00 per copy
Willowbrook can provide duplication services for a Master DVD, whether created by the Willowbrook Video Team or by the parent.

Mass Mailing of Athletic Resume and DVD to select schools

$50 plus postage fee
Willowbrook will send your resume and DVD to select schools from the college coaches’ database. We can provide both e-mail and postal services for mailing of resumes and DVDs.