WSC Tournament Information for Club Directors

Welcome Club Director!

For all tournament questions, please have your team representative contact Gordon Morrison.

To register for a tournament: Register on-line or submit a tournament registration form to Willowbrook Sports Complex, by mail, fax or PDF, using the contact information at the bottom of our webpage. Mail a check payable to "Willowbrook Sports Complex" before the deadline. Your entry is provisional and subject to waitlisting until we receive the entry fee. Please make one check per tournament. If we have not received a roster for your teams this season, or if you have roster changes, you will still need to mail or fax us a copy of the tournament registration form.


Online Registration and Information

This system will allow you to list all your current entries, for all WSC tournaments, including the Houston Shootout. You may then register your teams online using the quick entry form at the end of the list.

If your club is new to the Lone Star Region this year, you need to register your club. Simply send Gordon Morrison an email with your Club Name, the director or contact's name and email address, and your 5-letter USAV code. Note you should have already registered your club with USAV before you can enter a tournament.

If your club played in the Lone Star Region last year, your club pre-registered and can start using the system immediately. However, you must know your 5-letter Club ID code assigned to all your club teams. This can be found by looking at the Team Idenfication code provided when you registered your teams. You must also know the Club contact's last name as it is on-file with the region.

Please note the following:

  1. This system is for use by Club Directors only. Do not proceed if you are not a Club Director. Access attempts along with IP addresses are recorded.

  2. All online registrations are provisional and subject to acceptance by the WSC Tournament Director. Willowbrook will accept 32 teams in-house -- all other entries will be waitlisted. If we coordinate to rent courts from other venues, we will add the teams on the waitlist to the tournament.

  3. Don't forget to mail your payment to WSC along with a current team roster. Payment must be made by the deadline. Unpaid entries may lose their slot to a waitlisted team.

  4. Pools will be posted through the Tournament Information page, within 2 days after receiving the seeding from the Region. Please do not call or email the tournament director or WSC for pool information.

  5. We encourage you to follow WSC_Tournaments on Twitter, or subscrbe to the WSC Tournaments RSS feeds (follow the link on the sidebar menu)/ We will post notification of pool assignments plus other important information regarding the upcoming tournament.

  6. If you are authorized to "play up" in one of our tournaments, you can still register online. On the USAV Rank field, use the rank A or B instead of 1 or 2. You should still contact the WSC Tournament Director to inform him that your team is authorized to play up.

  7. Houston Shootout Note: Since the 17 and 18 divisions are combined, all 17 teams will register as "playing up", so 17 teams should register as Rank A, B, C etc.